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Ser Legal LLC, a service of The Cloud Law Firm P.C., is a Houston, TX based law firm focused on immigration cases. Contact Attorney Carvana Cloud for help.

850 W Little York Rd # B Houston, TX 77091
Phone: (713) 597-7072
Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00am - 7:00pm

Our Founder

Carvana Cloud

When a person walks into Ser Legal LLC in search of a highly qualified lawyer to represent them on an immigration matter, they immediately become the primary concern of Carvana Cloud and the legal team of our law firm.

Meet Attorney Carvana Cloud

Ser Legal LLC

SerLegal LLC is a subsidiary of The Cloud Law Firm, P.C. and is led by attorney Carvana Cloud, an attorney who puts her for educational background and legal experience to the test every time she represents a person who needs her legal expertise for immigration related purposes.Law

Attorney Carvana Cloud is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and is also admitted into federal court. Attorney Cloud is often seen in federal immigration courts across the state of Texas fighting for the legal status of would-be Americans that are hoping to make the United States their home.

As of the actions taken by the Obama administration in favor of persons seeking legal status in the United States, Houston immigration lawyer Carvana Cloud has prepared her staff and retrained her legal team so that the Ser Legal LLC legal team can efficiently provide the best experience for people who are in pursuit of a path to citizenship.

It is possible for persons and families looking to take advantage of recent changes in U.S. immigration policy to become permanent U.S. citizens.

Contact Ser Legal LLC by calling 713-597-7072 for more information.

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